Great customer experiences from A-Z

Join us for this webinar series where we are deep-diving into customer experiences from both a strategic, tactical and operational perspective.  

In January we have invited 3 experts in each of their field – which we think truly can change the outcome of your CSM efforts. Listen in when Mogens Bjerre ( Prof. ), Bart Goyvaerts and our very own Hans Ole Hauge share their findings and thoughts around this subject.

We invite for three free sessions in January 2024: 

Session 1 - "The driving force behind great customer experiences"

What is key to a great customer experience – and what is that, by the way, exactly? In this session Morgen Bjerre, Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School, will present the 'customer success formula" that has been developed from the efforts by more than 20 case companies, together with his research and key findings and tell how you can gain competitive advantages by focusing on making good customer experiences! 
(January 5th,  from 10am-11am)

Session 2 - "How to make great customer experiences with ServiceNow"

How does ServiceNow support the customer journey and enable you to change your ways of working to correspond better to the actual experience? What functions and features does the platform offer and how does it differentiate from other cloud based platforms? In this session, Bart Goyvaerts, Sales Director ServiceNow EMEA, will take you on a guided tour through the Customer Service Management module in ServiceNow.
(January 12th,  from 10am-11am)

Session 3 - "New ways of working – how and where to start?"

Now you know what makes good customer experiences and how ServiceNow can support this - but how do you actually adopt this to your own organization and customers? How do you combine the tool with the desired outcomes and make sure your work practices support the customer experience from A-Z? In this last session, Hans Ole Hauge, Advisor at The Cloud People, will  present how you can utilize 'Dependency mapping' to outline what it takes - exactly, to implement new ways of working in your organization and to reach your desired goals of making great customer experiences!
(January 19th,  from 10am-11am)

Date and time:

3 x Fridays in January  
Time: 10.00am - 11.00am (CET)

LIVESTORM (Digital event)

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Mogens Bjerre

Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School

Bart Goyvaerts

Sales Director, Customer Workflows, ServiceNow EMEA North

Hans Ole Hauge

Advisor, The Cloud People