Breakfast Seminar

Welcome to our Breakfast Seminar about Service Operations!

Service Operations: how a global manufactory company matured and combined its ITSM and ITOM processes

Please join us at our Breakfast Seminar in Gothenburg! During this session we will focus on Service Operations: combining the ITSM and ITOM processes to resolve issues faster and better.

For most of us in IT the main goal is to ensure a high availability of the core IT services in our organization. For hospitals that is the EPD system where all the patient related information reside. For others that is the manufacturing process or keeping the mobile bank application available. To ensure a high availability you need to have your ITOM and ITSM fully automated AND integrated.

In this session we will dive into the details of a Service Operations organization and will support that with a customer case of a global manufacturing company on a journey of automating its ITSM and ITOM processes.


08.00-08.30  Breakfast and coffee 
08.30-08.45 Introduction to The Cloud People 
08.45-09.30 Service Operations: combined ITSM and ITOM processes
09.30-09.45 Coffee break
09.45-10.30 Customer case - Service Operations in practice
10.30-10.45 Q&A - thank you for your time!


Date, time and place:

Date: Tuesday May 23rd from 08.00-10.45
Place: United Space location at UNI3, Pumpgatan 1,
417 55 Gothenburg.

The seminar is free to attend

We have limited seats so please register today to save a spot!


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Jeroen Lammers

ServiceNow Value Proposition Manager, The Cloud People

Floris Verschoor

Managing Partner & Advisor, The Cloud People

Jerker Lund

Senior Account Manager, The Cloud People

Antti Makinen

Advisory Solution Consultant, ServiceNow