Webinar recording:
Digitization requires new customer insight

Digitization is at the top of the agenda for most businesses, and for a good reason! Research shows that companies that digitize have a strong competitive advantage. But which processes and services can be digitized? What business opportunities arise when we digitize, and how does digitization affect our customers and their behavior?

Watch this extraordinary Breakfast Session, where Thomas Ritter, Professor of Customer Relationship Management at Copenhagen Business School, and Ian Ashby, Principal Strategist at ServiceNow, UK, visits our session. We focus on digitization and customer service in 2021 and dive into some of the latest research in the field.

Watch and learn

Watch the webinar recording and get insight into:

  • How digitization creates new commercial business areas
  • What strategic considerations should be made when digitizing processes/services
  • How digitization affects customer behavior
  • How can you use the Customer Data tool in your digital transformation.
  • Concrete business cases - How to transform strategic visions into operational initiatives