Run an integrated business with ServiceNow CSM

Discovering the hidden merits of the ServiceNow CSM module

Join us for a conversation about the possibilities within the ServiceNow CSM module when you look at it from an integrated business process perspective. How can you increase automation, and consolidate communication with your end customers or business partners alike ?

We’ll look at a plethora of real-world examples of integration scenarios where the integrated systems give back way more business value than the sum of its parts. We’ll challenge the audience on thinking creatively about how they can transform their customer and business operations to make sure that they gain much more than just a basic case-handling system in return.

Let's dive into a modern business approach and see how others have realized true benefits from holistic thinking around business systems and processes across the entire customer context.

In this webinar, you will

  • Gain inspiration on a lot of different use cases

  • Learn how integrated business processes can streamline your customer experience

  • Understand the possibilities within ServiceNow CSM to change the way you collaborate internally as well as externally

The webinar is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about the ServiceNow CSM module.

Date and time:

Thursday, November 30th
Time: 10.00-11.00 CET

It is, of course, free to attend this webinar.

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Christian Graabæk

Developer, The Cloud People

Mikkel Leth-Nissen

Director for Business Development, The Cloud People