ESG Management in ServiceNow

– A step-by-step walkthrough

How can ServiceNow support your ESG Management?

In this webinar we will  go through the ServiceNow ESG Management solution and show an overview of the processes and lifecycle.
Join us and get insights into:

  • Demo the application from the ESG Workspace in a demo environment
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of the process:
    - Material Topics (issues that impact economy, environment and people)
    - Goals and targets (the goals are the organization's objectives to evaluate their progress towards strategic priorities)
    - Metric definitions and Metrics (what data to collect and how, but also emission factors that can be used in calculated metric definitions as a coefficient to convert company activities into GHGE)

  • Walkthrough of the Disclosures that are created for the ESG reporting needs, for both external and internal stakeholders. E.g. annual reports, RFI, Frameworks etc.

Date and time:

Wednesday, June 12th
Time: 11am-12am (CEST)


It is, of course, free to attend this webinar.

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Jens Landgren

Solution Consultant, The Cloud People

Mikkel Leth-Nissen

Sales Director, The Cloud People