Cost optimization in Google Cloud

Would you like to better understand the principles of cost optimization in Google Cloud?
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In this webinar we looked into how you can make your business more predictable, optimize costs and gain better control over your IT spend.
  • Short introduction of The Cloud People and Google Cloud
  • What is cost optimization and why should you care?
  • Cost optimization recommendations
  • Product specific best practices
  • Maintaining sustainable cots through automation and alerts

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In these pandemic days, IT costs are top of mind for many businesses. Business leaders are left with tough decisions like how to keep their people safe while still making revenue goals, where to make the cuts and how to prepare for the road ahead.

The challenges a lot of us are facing these days are around:

  • Unpredictable business conditions as we face dramatically changing requirements in order to innovate quickly, decrease time to market while at the same time providing agility and scalability.
  • New investments needed in order to adapt to new business models while ensuring your teams have the tools needed to be productive from outside the office
  • Limited visibility and control of the complete picture of your IT spend