Identify the next step in your digital transformation

How do we take full advantage of digital technologies? How can we identify areas for improvement, and how do we make the right choices when we invest in digitalization?
On February 2. we have invited Professor at Aarhus University, Annabeth Aagaard, to join our Breakfast Session and talk about digital maturity and how organizations can reap the benefits of digitalization.


Join us and gain insights, knowledge, and tools about:

  • What is digital maturity and which dimensions drive it in your organization?

  • How does digital maturity impact your company’s digitalization process and adoption of digital technologies?

  • What are the four highways to digitalization and how can you use them in your organization?

  • How can you apply data and digital technologies for digital (and disruptive) business model innovation?

  • Real company cases and learnings for inspiration & learning

About Annabeth

Annabeth Aagaard (PhD, MSc) is the Founding Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development at Aarhus University:

She is an active researcher and speaker on digital and sustainable business development, on which she has published 15 handbooks and 200+ public and scientific papers.

In addition, she has 20+ years of experience as a manager in and as a strategic advisor of large private and public companies on these topics:


Date and time:

Thursday, February 2nd
Time: 09.00-11.00 CET

It is, of course, free to attend this Breakfast Session.

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Annabeth Aagaard

PhD, MSc, Founding Director of Interdisciplinary Centre for DIgital Business Development at Aarhus University

Mikkel Leth-Nissen

Director for Business Development, The Cloud People