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Booking experts on ServiceNow or Google Cloud Platform has never been easier. Use the wizard below to get a sneak peek into our new resouce management platform, Cloudia.

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Finding the right resource for your ServiceNow or Google Cloud Platform project has never been easier.

You can start the search by using the wizard on this page. Just answer a couple of easy questions, and you will receive the result by email.

As a customer of The Cloud People, you will get full access to  our self-service solution Cloudia, where you can search and browse throug our CV database  of skilled resources mainly situated in the Nordic countries and Poland.

You will also see price and availability, and you can even book individual consultants or create your our own star team!

Key Benefits


Do it yourself

Everyone loves self-service, whether they are booking a flight or an appointment with the dentist. There is no reason why it should be any different to book the right expert.



Say goodbye to custom-made resumes that are tailored to win exactly your project. In Cloudia, every person has one resume. Knowledge, experience and competence are documented. Find the right person for the job!



Have you ever experienced that you could not onboard key staff because you or the supplier did not meet the timeline? Now you can see availability, reserve and book the resources when you need them.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Cloudia

What is Cloudia?

The simple answer is: a new and smarter way to staff your IT projects. Cloudia is a self-service solution for IT consulting services. At Cloudia you get access to our entire CV database.

The more profound answer is: Cloudia is the platform where our concept, Smart Resourcing, comes to life. In Cloudia you get access to our very competent resources. You can browse for a consultant with a specific qualification, a special certification, training, hourly rate or location. You will see each consultant's availability, price, experience and verified skill.

Cloudia is a smart way to put together the best team for your ServiceNow or Google Cloud project. Or you can find individuals when you need them. Cloudia offers you smart resources at a reasonable price.

Who can use Cloudia?

If you are a customer of The Cloud People, you will have full access to the system, where you will find all available information about our resources.

Non-customers can use the wizard to get an email with resources we have that match your request, but details about each consultant will be hidden. In any case, you are welcome to contact us for assistance in finding the help you are looking for.

Does it cost anything to use Cloudia?
No, access to the platform is free.
Who is Cloudia suitable for?

Cloudia is suitable for all businesses that need resources for ServiceNow projects or Google Cloud Platform projects. Cloudia is a revolutionary new way of staffing IT projects. With Cloudia you get the right resource at the right price when you need it. This in essence leads to higher delivery quality at a lower price.

Who is Cloudia not suitable for?

Cloudia is not suitable for those who need consultants for projects other than ServiceNow and / or Google Cloud Platform.

What is Smart Resourcing?

Smart Resourcing is our new, revolutionary concept for providing consultants and consulting services related to ServiceNow and the Google Cloud Platform.

With Smart Resourcing, you can search, find, and book Google Cloud or ServiceNow experts. Smart Resourcing gives you the specific resource or the optimal team you need to get the job done at competitive prices.

With Smart Resourcing, we offer a whole new level of insight and transparency about our consultants: what experience they have, what training and certificates they have, and what projects they have worked on. We run background checks on all our consultants.

Smart Resourcing is made available in our self-service portal Cloudia. Here you will find our CV database. Search, select and order! Sourcing an IT project has never been so easy.

Smart Resourcing offers you:

Full transparency

Gain insight into expertise and skills, experience, certification, location and price of each consultant.


Plan ahead

Check availability, order directly and ensure long-term access to resources for your projects.


Top quality of international resources

Our consultants are currently based in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Poland, but more new countries are to come!


Pay for what you get

Each consultant has a degree based on experience, customer satisfaction and competence.


Find exactly what you need

Search and filter based on the parameters that are most important to you, such as specific expertise in ServiceNow or Google Cloud Platform, project experience or location.

What is the difference between Cloudia and Smart Resourcing?

Smart Resourcing is our new, revolutionary concept for the delivery of consultants and consulting services.

Cloudia is the platform where Smart Resourcing is realized. Cloudia enables our clients to find consultants and choose the ones that suit their needs. Search, select and order! Sourcing your IT projects has never been easier.

What resources can I find on Cloudia?

Cloudia gives you access to our CV database with some of Northern Europe's most competent ServiceNow consultants and experts on the Google Cloud platform.

We run background checks on all our consultants, and they all are experienced and certified in their field.

Experience, certification, customer feedback and competence will form the basis for the consultant's degree, and this in turn gives a given price and type of position such as; junior or senior technical consultant, solution consultant, consultant, solution architect, project manager, etc.